Master of Photography Reflection

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I chose Julia Margaret Cameron because her photography is pretty and vintage. And I just really like self portraits like her’s she make them very beautiful I love the fact she does that. they always look beautiful and vintage in the photo I love her type of photography I really do. The reason why I love these type of photos because they are very old and vintage I like photos and stuff like that . I just love all of the photo she took be cause they are so eye catching I love the colors and her photos. she is just very creativity and I like that I like most of photos this one is just my favorite one and the outfit is pretty also the girl is very pretty. all her picture are in nice colors I love the colors she used for the photo . also she is really good at photography I love self portraits like vintage ones. but overall her photography is my favorite type of photography.

The Style of Wassily Kandinsky

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How I feel about Wassily Kandinsky photography its like art to me it very beautiful art. and I like it because his work is really colorful and catches my eye really good. and I like how it has different shapes in the photo even the lines and circles they are just every and it catches the eye which I really like his work is very different and nice also I could make it my wallpaper. I like how he puts different objects in the background it is really unique and I like it. he work most of his work is really good and unique. this was fun the make because I got to be creative and learn new things and that’s what I like about this. also I like how soft the picture looks it is really pretty and nice I really like this photo because of the colors and objects. my favorite part of the photo is the blue shading because it pops out and its just a really pretty color the colors he choose are very nice and pretty because they are dark colors and light colors which I love both overall his photography is very unique and nice also very eye catching.

The Style of Sandy Skoglund

What I like About Sandy Skoglund Photography is that is different from others and plus it is kind of like surrealism art. I like how it has different colors it kind of like they live under water and there’s fish in there house. I really like this photo because it catches my eye because of the orange fishes in the room it brings more color into the photo. plus this photo really looks real and that’s what makes it a cool photo and kind of looks like clay to. and I like that she included people in this photo and the how the drawer is open with the fish half inside of it the fishes are very eye catching. and the people look so real they may be real but they look like a real human which make is cool I like how this photo looks because it nice and very eye catching like I said from before I like how the widows look too overall this photo is a very different and very unique also very cool to look at so overall I really like her type of photography.

Museum Tour

Jean‐Michel Basquiat - Melting Point of Ice, 1984, acrylic, oilstick and silkscreen
This One Is Jean-Michel Basquiat I chose his art because it colorful and great. I feel like his art has a meaning to it and I that’s what I like about and his art is very cool. and his art is also very different and I like that because I like doing different things so I feel like his art I very much different I love his art work.
This art is made by Christopher wool and I choose this one because it is creative. and its is the colors which is black and white these colors go with the art. I like how he draw because it is everywhere it just goes with the photo
Kara Walker - Testimony: Narrative of a Negress Burdened by Good Intentions, 2004, black and white video, no audio and framed cut paper sillhouette
This One Is By Kara Walker I like this one it look interesting and it is a very different I like how the light is shining. this photo look eerie feeling but I like because it look likes very historical. I feel like this photo has a meaning to it and that is what I really like.